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1 [GUIDE] HOW TO INSTALL CRAZYMS on Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:55 pm

Due to multiple people asking how to install and run CrazyMS I have decided to create a forum to help those people who don't know how to install CrazyMS.

If you see anyone asking on XATCHAT on how to install CrazyMS please link them to this forum.
If you have any suggestions for this post please leave them in the comments so I can make changes.
I recommend downloading WINRAR to extract files.

Step 1: Download v83 setup.
You can download the v83 from
Go to>Click on downloads-> Download v83 setup.

Step 2: Download the CrazyMS client.
You can download the client from
Go to>Click on downloads-> Download the CrazyMS client.

Step 3:Extract files.
Once both downloads are complete you should have a v83 folder, you then must move the CrazyMS WINRAR file into the v83 folder. (WINRAR FILE)
Then right click the WINRAR file and click 'extract' here.
Once you click 'extract' here a window like this should pop up:, click 'yes to all' and wait for it to extract.

Step 4: Run the CrazyMS client.
Once you see this: , you will be able to run CrazyMS.

Extras: If you would like you can create a shortcut for the CrazyMS client so that you can open it from your desktop and not have to find it in the folder every time you want to log on.

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